dPrism digital maturity assessment

Watch for the new Digital Maturity Assessment coming in 2022!

Technology is changing faster than ever. As a result, our team is working hard on redesigning and relaunching this assessment to better satisfy the latest digital needs and help CEOs and C-level leaders identify opportunities for strategic growth. This digital benchmarking assessment, originally known as the dPrism Digital Maturity Index, will be available for beta users in March 2022, and released to the public later in Q2 2022. 

The redeveloped assessment maps an organizations’ digital maturity across five important categories and then compares those results to industry peers. With these insights in hand, dPrism provides clear next steps for strategic growth in a simple and actionable format.

Here’s what to expect with the updated assessment: 

  • Straightforward completion process (less than 10 minutes)
  • Credible, industry-specific benchmarking data for the different levels of digital maturity
  • Easy-to-understand strategic growth insights
  • Actionable report you can share with your executive team