Accelerating Sales Success Rates for a Global Information Services Company

A global information services company was aiming to accelerate new sales success rates in key areas of the product portfolio where competitive differentiation and momentum were the strongest.

Their previous approach had resulted in a misaligned, inefficient sales organization. They needed enriched leads to help them prioritize which companies would be most interested in their product and services, a persona profile of the decision-maker they should focus on, and what specific solutions they should be offering to those customers.

This case study highlights how Mod Op Strategic Consulting helped them accomplish their goal through a sales enablement strategy that focused on augmenting their prospect data, identifying and prioritizing sales leads, and channeling higher quality leads to the assigned sales teams.

What’s inside this case study:

Improving the Quality of Prospect Data

Learn how to score prospects based on keywords on their website to predict sales, and discover an effective process for data augmentation.

Increasing Sales Team Efficiency & Agility

See how sales teams can increase efficiency and adjust to goals based on prospect insights. Translate learnings like these into clear and actionable recommendations for sales execution.


Achieving Higher Engagement Rates & Sales Revenue

Get a full view of how achieving higher engagement rates on marketing campaigns leads to increased sales meetings, closings, and ultimately new sales revenue.