Client Impact Stories

How AI Can Transform the Content Business

As AI’s promise and potential continue to reveal themselves, so do its flaws. Knowing how to leverage new AI tools and their risks will be crucial.

Legacy Systems Into the Digital Age

How an industrial equipment leasing company tackles the challenges of aging data infrastructure.

Strategic Technology Due Diligence

How an intelligence firm strengthened its technology due diligence process and acquisition strategy.

300% Growth from Product Development

A global financial services firm transformed their product into a digital offering to grow revenue 300%.

Accelerating Successful Sales Rates

A global information services company accomplished its goal through a sales enablement strategy.

Client Impact Story: Marketing Automation

Client Impact Story: Improving Workflow Processes

Client Impact Story: Cultural Change in An Organization of Silos

Client Impact Story: Hearing the Voice of the Customer

Client Impact Story: Digital Product Development

Client Impact Story: Plan Your Digital Future

Client Impact Story: Unlock Hidden Revenue

Client Impact Story: Aligning Business Strategy with Operations

Client Impact Story: Finding the Gaps in the Market

Client Impact Story: Creating Meaningful Customer Journeys

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