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Bringing digital growth right to the bottom line

Digital Prism Advisors has been serving clients worldwide since 2014. We partner with forward-thinking organizations to empower positive change through technology-led improvements.

Our engagements have helped transform leading B2B companies in several industry sectors from manufacturing, publishing and legal to large membership associations.

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Our core set of management consulting services encompass three key areas – technology, product management and business transformation. While each client engagement requires a unique and special blend of solutions based on their goals and challenges, clients also benefit from our use of proven frameworks that make implementing the recommendations more straightforward and actionable. At the end of the day, the goal is making it easier to capitalize on opportunities and accelerate growth.

Growth Strategy

dPrism delivers growth through digital acceleration. We work with our clients to imagine their future, define their potential markets, identify compelling value and validate with real-time market feedback.

  • Innovation
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Market mapping
  • Identifying white space opportunities
  • Buyer/audience personas
  • Board facilitation 

Capabilities Analysis

Whether your actual product is a virtual or physical good or service, almost every business needs to employ digital capabilities to attract, sell to, serve and support their customer base. dPrism helps clients understand their capabilities, identify potential gaps and build a framework to allow for successful development of new digital products and services.

  • Digital product strategy
  • User needs analysis/customer feedback and insight
  • Technology capabilities
  • Product roadmap (run, grow, transform)
  • Digital product governance
  • Cross-functional analysis with focus on products and services, tooling, processes and culture

Execution Planning

Even the best digital strategy and capability analysis can fail without the right execution plan. dPrism has both the experience and the expertise to guide our clients through the implementation planning process to ensure that products and services are created on time and on budget.

  • Operating frameworks
  • Revenue models
  • Product management processes
  • Organizational design
  • Technical architecture

Implementation Governance

Coming out of execution planning dPrism helps our clients govern the implementation process, working in close collaboration with both internal and external development teams, or bringing in top level developers to do the work directly, depending on our clients’ needs.

  • Agile program management
  • Implementation partner and/or client team oversight
  • Direct sourcing and management of implementation also available

Culture & Change Management

Even with the best strategies and tools, digital acceleration is not possible without transforming an organization’s culture and people. Every dPrism engagement includes a culture and change management track to ensure that the organization is brought along on the journey and that the right skills and behaviors are identified and nurtured.

  • Change management strategy
  • Organizational training and upskilling
  • Organizational network analysis
  • Career path mapping
  • Human capital executive guidance

“By partnering with dPrism, we rigorously and objectively evaluated different options and eventually selected a platform that became a starting point for the firm’s marketing technology transformation.”

John Rojo
Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations

Morrison & Foerster LLP