Are your technology capabilities aligned with your growth plans?

Download the Mod Op Strategic Consulting Technology Checklist. Discover whether you’ve got the right mix of digital products and services that will drive growth for your organization.

Technology Assessment Checklist

Frequently reviewing your technology landscape will allow you to track progress in aligning your capabilities to the evolving needs of your operating model. The best organizations conduct assessments regularly to ensure their actions align with key stakeholders and drive sustainable, digital growth.


When to use this checklist:

  • When considering a major technology investment
  • When your business is experiencing significant, above-normal growth
  • When market dynamics change due to disruptive use of digital strategies by competitors

Use this checklist to:

Analyze Your Current State

Get a clear picture of your baseline technology capabilities while understanding potential gaps that may exist in your organization.

Diagnose Your Needs

Refine and focus your vision on specific business issues, identify opportunities or zero in on tactical solutions.

Develop your roadmap

Align your technology plan with hardware, software, networking, data, people, and proceses to power your growth.