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CEO Digital Strategy Series

The CEO's Definitive Guide to Digital Strategy

Guide to Digital Transformation

Why every CEO needs to be thinking about digital transformation and what it means for the present and future of your organization

The CEO's Definitive Guide to Digital Strategy

Guide to Digital Strategy

For CEOs, by CEOs: learn how to meet current demands while also building an engine for long-term strategic growth.

Guide to Digital Product Strategy and Management

All successful digital initiatives begin in the C-suite. Discover how to drive them forward successfully with your team.

Technology planning guide

Guide to Strategic Technology Planning

Written just for C-suite leaders, this guide helps you align your technology strategy to business goals and growth plans.

Mod Op Strategic Consulting Insights

Strategic AI Assessment

Every C-level executive we know is getting bombarded with questions about artificial intelligence and machine...

What business leaders need to know about the new focus on “data-centric AI”

Beyond all the debate and concern about the potential and perils of artificial intelligence (AI), another urgent conversation is taking place in the machine-learning community: How to make AI more “data-centric.”
Unlike the AI advances to date, which have largely been driven by data scientists, programmers and systems engineers, the push to re-center AI around the quality of underlying data requires the involvement of every business leader hoping to leverage AI for productivity gains, risk mitigation, product development, business planning and other benefits.

How to Leverage AI in Your Business

Guess what? Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t going anywhere — and if you think your business and industry are unique, and won’t be disrupted, you’re wrong. Does that mean you need to close up shop, and that everyone’s jobs are about to be stolen by technology? Of course not. But it does mean that even if you aren’t thinking about how to leverage the power of real-time AI technology in your business, your competitors are, and they’re going to gain a more and more competitive advantage until you catch up.

Case Studies


Whitepaper: Private Equity Intelligence

In this whitepaper, we explore the state-of-the-market of private equity and business information services. Review key concepts, operating principals and strategies to help private equity principals and CEOs think digitally to optimize growth and maximize asset valuations.

Whitepaper: The Future of Associations

What lies ahead for trade and professional associations? This whitepaper examines some of the root causes of disruption in this industry and insights for those who wish to transform their organization to meet the needs ot future generations.

Additional Resources

Bringing legacy systems into the digital age

Case Study: Bringing Legacy Systems Into the Digital Age

Discover how an industrial equipment leasing company tackles the challenges of aging data infrastructure.

Case Study: Strategic Technology Due Diligence

Learn how an intelligence firm strengthened their technology due diligence process and acquisition strategy.

Case Study: 300% Revenue Growth from Product Development

Learn how a financial services firm transformed their product into a digital offering to grow revenue 300%.

Case Study: Accelerating Sales Success Rates

Discover how an information services company accomplished its goal through a sales enablement strategy.

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