Case Study: Strategic Approach to Technology Due Diligence for M&A

A global market intelligence firm was seeking a strategic approach to the technology due diligence necessitated by its target acquisitions. 

Previous experience had left the company needing more than a partner or process that simply checked the boxes. They needed greater insight and advice about how to navigate the tricky landscape of acquiring and deploying existing technology.

This case study highlights the process Mod Op Strategic Consulting followed to analyze the strength of the target company’s technology position. It also walks through the key steps the team followed in order to generate recommendations, implement the findings, and plan and track key outcomes.

What’s inside this case study:

How to Strategically Approach Due Diligence

Beyond simply checking boxes, discover the critical questions that will guide your due diligence exercise – and provide you with a holistic viewpoint.

What to Focus on (and Why) in Your Technology Assessment

Learn why assessing the technology is only the first step in your assessment process, and what other critical elements you should be considering.

The Strategic Solution Design to Guide Your Process

The seven critical steps, from planning to implementation, that will deliver the critical outcomes you are looking for – and provide you with the clear next steps for your organization.