While others are scared and focused on simply riding out the recession, you question how you can optimize and innovate to be even stronger on the other side.

We offer creative and innovative solutions to help organizations find new opportunities in an ever-changing digital world.

The risk in hiding from an economic downturn is that the world won’t stop and hide with you. Emerging from every economic downturn is an innovator. Someone who chose to be bold while the herd was timid. Economic downturns create opportunities to thrive. Push forward while the rest stagnate.

Much has changed in recent years; this is an atypical recession. Old playbooks do not cut it. Typical advice is to run the numbers, downsize non-essential staff, cut costs across the board, and ride out the storm.

These tips were great in 2008, but social and economic landscapes have evolved in dramatically new ways since the pandemic. Employee treatment and retention cannot be viewed from a commodity, cost perspective. The cost of finding, attracting, and recruiting true talent has increased dramatically. We recommend a surgical approach, not a broad-based numbers strategy that neglects understanding true loss.

Are you ready to position yourself as that strong innovator when exiting this downturn? Are you ready to look at your team in a new way, be bold, and redefine your approach? We can effectively drive transformation by partnering with you and your team to establish your innovative future.

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“Most consultants are worth very little. Mod Op Strategic Consulting has consistently given Noodle great ideas and has stuck through to see them implemented.”

– John Katzman, CEO, Noodle

“Mod Op Strategic Consulting used their extensive operational experience to provide us with highly actionable guidance and delivered on-time and on-budget results.”

– Paul V. Farr, EVO Marketing and Business Development, Kaseya

RPA is hard. Mod Op Strategic Consulting helped us understand the opportunity, get our pilot up and running, and gave us the help we needed to take it from here.”

–  CIO, Risk & Advisory Industry

Transformation for a Media Organization.
Technology and workforce realignment:

By analyzing the current state of this business, we found 60% of this company’s staff was being held back by operational & legacy processes. Transforming the news and sales operations with workforce automation resulted in a 20% net time savings for the staff. It also realigned the team to collectively focus on core business news reporting and sales. When businesses are limited by legacy headwinds, we need to separate the core from context. This resulted in 80% core function focus and 20% admin focus.


Reductions in Sales Staff Size

Efficiency Improvements

Traffic Growth Over 3 Years

Ready to effectively drive change, but don’t know where to start?

If you resonate with any of the three headwinds below, it’s time for a conversation. 

Assessment & Strategy

Refine business strategy and vision through a critical question-driven process and pressure test assumptions in a revenue model. This allows us to quickly align on goals and develop stronger growth strategies.

Modeling & Opportunity

Define post-recession business aspirations and receive a high-level option analysis of ways to achieve those aspirations with resources you already have.

Planning & Execution

Mod Op Strategic Consulting expert consultants guide the project planning and implementation process to help deliver growth through digital acceleration. We take you from start to finish as a true partner and trusted advisor. We’re with you every step of the way. 

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The best businesses aren’t looking to survive the economic downturn, they’re looking to thrive.

We specialize in helping companies that are ready to get ahead through strategic growth.

The best time to prepare for a potential recession was yesterday. The next best time is today. Let us help you develop your strategy to take this challenge head on!

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