Mod Op Strategic Consulting Digital Maturity Index finds businesses are recalibrating with new emphasis on digital culture and innovation

by | Nov 6, 2020

  • Global pandemic accelerates the need to build enterprise digital cultures to empower and engage growing remote workforces.
  • Digital innovation takes on greater significance as disruption from the pandemic presents new competitive threats and opportunities.

New York, NY – Mod Op Strategic Consulting (Mod Op Strategic Consulting) has released the preliminary findings of its most recent Digital Maturity Index (dDMI) survey of leading companies, completed in Q3 2020.  The results reveal that executives are placing significantly more emphasis on developing digital Culture and Innovation over the previous findings in 2016, a trend likely driven by an increased urgency to expand digital capabilities across all aspects of their enterprises in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the need to respond to pandemic-driven marketplace changes with new products and business models.

“In prior surveys top executives correctly placed emphasis on improving Customer Experience – and that remains the highest priority today,” said Adriaan Bouten, Founder and CEO of Mod Op Strategic Consulting.The difference now is that Culture and Innovation has doubled in importance over the past four years, moving from last place to fourth place, and achieving close parity to the top three priorities. This significant finding tells us that executives are seeking to apply and embed digital more comprehensively and consistently in their teams as they operate in increasingly decentralized work environments and seek a digitally-driven edge in product and service development.”

“We’re keeping our clients competitive with insights on how companies are applying digital, building capabilities, and responding to current pandemic business conditions,” said Len Gilbert, COO of Mod Op Strategic Consulting. “Our dDMI tool measures a company’s relative digital strengths across seven key metrics, Culture and Innovation, Products and Services, Technology, Data and Analytics, Digital Marketplaces and Communities, Digital Marketing, and Customer Experience. Benchmarking digital maturity is a critical first-step in the process of prioritizing and implementing a strategic digital business plan.”

Mod Op Strategic Consulting is a boutique consulting firm helping organizations execute digital growth opportunities through sound cohesive strategy, effective product development, technology selection and digital process improvement. This results in improved market share, quicker and more effective time to market, and a more agile business to respond to market changes and ultimately improving the bottom line.

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