Here’s what ‘digital maturity’ really means – and how you can improve yours

by | Sep 16, 2020

Before the global pandemic, leaders of corporations, nonprofits and other organizations were already working diligently to transform their digital capabilities to remain competitive in the new economy.

Today, however, the pressure to transform is even greater. Customers’ expectations for more satisfying experiences are rising, requiring organizations to provide new capabilities for shopping and transactions. Employees are being challenged to understand these customer needs quickly and respond with new services, products and solutions, making it all the more critical for enterprises to grow in “digital maturity.” But what exactly does that mean?

Simply put, digital maturity is your state of preparedness to respond to these market pressures and customer needs driven by an increasing data-driven business landscape. Importantly, digital maturity is not a single measure of quality. Rather, it’s an aggregation of many interdependent facets that reflect the broader digital health and capability of your enterprise. After all:

  • Your customers aren’t going to care much about a brilliant business model if it’s supported by software products with a lagging interface or buggy architecture. The “experience” is what matters most.
  • Your employees will be far less likely to generate, develop and successfully launch industry-leading products if the culture of your company is too risk-averse, or if employees aren’t empowered to innovate.
  • Your executives won’t be able make informed decisions and develop new strategies, and employees won’t be able to react to the needs of your customers, unless your organization captures, distributes and analyzes critical user data in real-time.

The first step to improving your enterprise’s digital capabilities is to know your current level of digital maturity. Our new evaluation tool, the Mod Op Strategic Consulting Digital Maturity Index (DDMI), has been developed specifically to get you started and provide you with an important benchmark upon which to build an action plan to strengthen your digital acuity.

Drawing upon research from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research and Mod Op Strategic Consulting’s years of experience working with executives from across the international corporate and nonprofit landscape, the DDMI will capture your organization’s digital maturity in seven key areas of focus:

  • Customer Experience: The value your organization creates for customers and users across all touchpoints with your organization.
  • Products and Services: The portfolio of revenue or mission-driving digital solutions your organization makes available to its customers and partners.
  • Digital Marketing: The digital activities associated with promoting your brands, building consumer preference and engaging with your customers.
  • Digital Marketplaces and Communities: The digital landscape of where you do business with your customers and your capacity to engage with them.
  • Data and Analytics: The internal and external data resources you rely upon to improve your sales and operational processes, as well as to create or enhance products and services for your customers.
  • Culture and Innovation: Your organization’s capacity to respond, adapt and innovate as the needs of your consumers change over time.
  • Technology: The strength of your technology function, including infrastructure, software, applications and services.

After taking the initial DDMI assessment – which you can complete in about 15 minutes using any desktop or mobile browser – we’ll send you a report that compares your results against our database of hundreds of previous participants. You will benefit from a succinct diagnostic readout of your strengths and weaknesses compared to this pool. We will also highlight how you stack up to the digital maturity leaders (the top 25 percent of the pool) in particular.

Click here to take the DDMI right now. Knowing your relative digital maturity is a fast, easy and critical step in your path to growth and a stronger competitive market position. If you’re interested in learning more about the DDMI and additional actions or recommendations you can take today,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a more in-depth conversation.

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