Whitepaper: The Future of Associations

Strategies to empower trade and professional associations in the new economy.

Trade and professional associations have a rich history in our social and economic lives and have advanced the way we organize, communicate, and work together for the betterment of society. By bringing together like-minded people to learn, achieve, and promote common values, standards and solutions, associations seek to further the interests of an industry, profession, or cause. 

Traditional models that have sustained the growth of associations over the last century are being challenged by the unprecedented pace of technological, social, and generational disruption occurring today. Associations need to respond to these changes with proactive strategies to identify alternative business models, growth opportunities, and an operating culture that can sustain them. 

In this report Mod Op Strategic Consulting, a leading management consultancy specializing in working with association executives, examines some of the root causes of this disruption and offers prescriptive insights for association executives who seek to transform their organizations in ways that prepare them to meet the needs of emerging professionals and future generations, and thrive in our increasingly interconnected, digital economy. 

We explore five keys to success:
  1. Re-inventing member value
  2. Developing growth opportunities – market and mission mapping
  3. Integrating new business models
  4. Building an empowered “digital-first” culture 
  5. Creating a modern operating model

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