dPrism is now Mod Op Strategic Consulting

by | Oct 3, 2023

dPrism is now Mod Op Strategic Consulting

For almost 10 years, dPrism has helped organizations navigate the choppy waters of digital transformation. From our first client through our current engagements, our mission and purpose have not wavered. With decades of operational experience at the intersection of business, technology, and data, we enable companies to develop digital strategies, and we ensure they have the right people, processes, and technology to execute these strategies successfully. Our operational heritage ensures that we are always pragmatic, prescriptive, and clear in helping our clients find success.

Now, we are delighted to announce the biggest change in dPrism’s history. This summer we joined Mod Op, a leading insights-driven, full-service, marketing and communications agency with a focus on leveraging data and AI to help clients drive sustainable growth. Now, as Mod Op Strategic Consulting, our mission remains, but our capabilities are greatly expanded. We now have access to a much wider range of solutions and services to offer our clients – from a dedicated, US-based, market research and customer insight team, to every aspect of digital marketing – creative, SEO, website development, PR, marketing strategy, and more. We’re excited to leverage these capabilities for our clients and are already exploring collaborations with this broader toolkit.

Mod Op invested in dPrism because they see us as empowering their clients to solve the most pressing issues facing them today, and tomorrow. How can data enable a company to succeed? How can AI be harnessed to drive both top and bottom-line growth in an ethical and smart way? How can a company ensure that it has the technical capabilities to support its growth strategy? Together, we will help the world’s leading brands answer these increasingly challenging questions, while ensuring they maximize operational and revenue performance through digital innovation. We are excited to work with our new Mod Op teammates and look forward to scaling our expertise and offerings even further through our partnership.

While the future is very bright, we also want to look back at this time, and thank our Founder and former CEO, Adriaan Bouten, for everything he did to launch dPrism and make it the special place that it has been since its founding in 2014. He always said that dPrism needed to do great work for clients and to be a great place to work. We constantly work to make that vision a reality and our 70+ NPS score and similar employee satisfaction scores say that we are on the right path – and we remain committed to building on dPrism’s history of empowering our customers to address their most strategic challenges as Mod Op Strategic Consulting.

So, to all our clients, thanks so much for your continued support. To people looking for guidance around the ever-evolving world of data, AI, technology, and digital strategy, please reach out for a conversation. Mod Op Strategic Consulting is just getting started!

For additional information, here is a link to the press release which we have issued today. Please let us know if you have any questions or wish to schedule a conversation.

Len & Jonathan

Len Gilbert
EVP, Head of Strategic Consulting
Mod Op

Jonathan Murray
Chief Strategy Officer
Mod Op

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