How private equity firms can adopt a digital mindset

by | Feb 20, 2020

Mod Op Strategic Consulting has been working with clients in the private equity industry since our inception six years ago. We’ve helped PE firms win better deals by assessing the technical, product and business capabilities of target acquisitions and we’ve helped their portfolio companies maximize efficiency, growth and deliver greater value through digital strategy and innovations. 

In our new white paper, Private Equity Report: A Digital Mindset, we share several of the important lessons we’ve learned along the way (we invite you to download it for free by following the link below). Whether you are on the deal side, or you are the CEO or an executive at a PE-backed company, we hope you will find our insights useful. If you’re currently considering how new approaches to “thinking digitally” can drive new value and change your growth trajectory, we’d welcome the opportunity to have a conversation. 

Here are highlights of what you will find in the report:

  1. Execution is critical as deal competition has “priced in perfection”
    Guidance on how to best evaluate the capability of innovative and disruptive technologies such as cloud platforms, “big” and “small” data and robotic process automation (RPA) to improve execution and support aggressive valuations and competition with strategic buyers.
  2. Apply a digital lens to find, bid and win better deals
    How to evaluate target companies in various states of digital maturity based on existing and potential digital market and product opportunities. 
  3. Develop a digital product roadmap
    Pragmatic and executable steps to ensure that portfolio companies develop the right roadmap based on their position and role in the larger industry ecosystem.
  4. Drive efficiency and deliver new value through automation
    How to evaluate the capability for RPA and other intelligent automation capabilities to improve the efficiency, quality and even top-line growth for your company or portfolio.
  5. Align technology architecture and investment with business strategy
    Lessons we have learned on assessing the technology capabilities of potential and newly acquired companies to ensure that investment theses can be properly executed.
  6. Adopt new operating models to sustain value creation
    How to achieve long-term and sustainable success by building an empowered culture, using data to augment decision-making and embracing experiment-driven product and service design.

We hope you enjoy reading this new white paper from Mod Op Strategic Consulting. We welcome your feedback, and we look forward to connecting with you on these topics and others soon.

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