What is Digital Transformation?

by | Feb 18, 2015

What is digital transformation and how can your business benefit? I’m very excited to start answering that question for our clients as a Managing Director of Mod Op Strategic Consulting. Here, I will be helping my mentor and former boss Adriaan Bouten build a world-class boutique digital transformation agency. We exist to help legacy brands, both successful and challenged, delight their customers and grow their business by allowing them to master the digital economy. I will be focusing on helping our clients in information, media, and eCommerce spaces.

At dprism, digital transformation is about understanding customers and servicing their needs via digitally enabled products and processes, all of this supported by effective technological tools. A good digital transformation strategy helps you FIND opportunities in the digital ecosystem; from digital products and product adjacencies, to serving mobile customers and creating engaging conversations in social media. Digital transformation is also about SOLVING how to best accomplish your digital strategy with the appropriate investment planning, technology selection staffing model, and agile delivery method.

I am very excited to be here and I promise that in the future these blog posts will be more interactive and question-oriented. Let’s start with this:

So, how do you define digital transformation?

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